National Conference on Polar Sciences

Organised by

National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research

Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India

Date: May 16-19, 2023; Venue: NCPOR, Goa



A Workshop on Sea-ice Modelling and Observations (SiMO)

Sea ice is one of the least understood parameters of the cryosphere. On 16-17 May 2023, a workshop will be held to gain a better understanding of sea-ice processes and dynamics in climate modelling and the interaction with the ocean and atmospheric forcing. There will be lectures by national and international experts working on sea ice modelling and observations. This workshop aims to provide young and experienced researchers with state-of-the-art knowledge of sea ice and its role in the global system. Additionally, the workshop provides young researchers with an opportunity to learn about nascent sea ice research theories and techniques.


Researchers interested in the field of sea-ice/polar modelling/observations.


Young Polar Scientist Meet (YPSM)

A Young Polar Scientist Meet (YPSM) will offer an opportunity for young researchers to interact with polar experts of national/international reputation. This YPSM aims to support their scientific skills and build a national interdisciplinary research network with colleagues and senior polar scientists.


YPSM is open for early career researchers below age 35 (as of March 31, 2023). The early career researcher can be a Ph.D. Scholar/Post PhD (within 5 years of the award of PhD).

All participants of YPSM are encouraged to give poster presentations; based on the novelty of their research findings, some selected young researchers shall be invited for a flash presentation (duration - 05 minutes). The best Young Polar Scientist Award will be given for oral and poster presentations.


Open Science Conference (OSC)

The conference will have plenary lectures, invited keynote lectures, as well as contributed oral/poster presentations under various sessions and themes.